2016 Arizona Tax Credits

As the year-end approaches, are you looking to make a year-end donation to an Arizona charity that also qualifies as an Arizona Tax Credit? Here is a list of six of the credits available.

Please note that these are Nonrefundable Individual Tax Credits. They can only reduce your Arizona Individual Income Tax to $0. For most of these, any remaining tax credit available can be carried forward to be used in 2017.

Beginning with the 2016 tax year, donations to Qualifying Charitable Organizations and Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations are claimed as separate credits with separate limitations for each.

2016 Common Arizona Tax Credits

Single or HOH Married
 Form 321 Qualifying Charitable Organizations          400          800 Carryforward 5 years
 Form 352 Foster Care Qual Char Org          500       1,000 Carryforward 5 years
 Form 322 Public School Tax Credit          200          400 Carryforward 5 years
 Form 323 Private School Tuition Organizations          545       1,090 Carryforward 5 years
 Form 348 Certified School Tuition Organizations          542        1,083 Carryforward 5 years
 Form 340 Military Family Relief Fund Tax Credit          200           400 No carryforward
Below are links to the various organizations.

Qualifying Charitable Organizations

Qualifying Foster Charitable Organizations

Public Schools

School Tuition Organizations

Military Family Relief Fund

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